Enel partners on development of ‘circular cities’ in Latin America


Enel is partnering with the International Italo-Latin American Organization (IILA) to develop circular cities in Latin America.

The two organisations, under a letter of intent, plan to share experiences, projects and best practices for the promotion and development of circular cities in Latin America.

The aim is to spread knowledge and awareness of the subject through the region and to accelerate the transition to circular urbanisation models, centred on the application of the principles of circular economy to all sectors involved in the sustainable development of cities.

“Enel is the leader in the energy sector in Latin America and it is committed to facilitating the development of new models of sustainable business,” commented Maurizio Bezzeccheri, Enel’s head of Latin America.

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“This collaboration will enable us to further strengthen our actions in support of the energy transition, accelerating the growth of renewables, promoting smart electrical networks and the spread of public and private electric mobility in major Latin American cities.”

Enel has put its weight behind the ‘circular economy’ concept, which is gaining traction – and increasingly used interchangeably with ‘smart’ – as a sustainability concept for the production and use of goods and products.

Energy systems and renewable energies in particular are seen as a pillar of the circular economy, improving sustainability and supporting decarbonisation across sectors.

As an example of a ‘circular economy’ initiative, Enel cites its Urban Futurability project in São Paulo’s Vila Olímpia financial district, which includes digitalisation of the electricity network.

Another, at the building level, is the implementation of distributed generation in the form of solar PV on the roof and the façade of the Nueva Cordova building in Chile’s capital Santiago, which should provide energy self-sufficiency, thus reducing operational costs, as well as charging for electric vehicles.

In Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, electrification of public transport is under way, with the country’s electric bus fleet set to be the region’s biggest.

With increasing urbanisation cities are growing in size and today in Latin America, almost 80% of the population live in urban areas.

Rethinking the development model therefore requires a reorganisation of urban coexistence in a sustainable and circular way, says a statement. Enel and IILA intend to collaborate more intensely and systematically to respond in a concrete way to this environmental and social challenge.

IILA is an international organisation uniting Italy with the countries of Latin America through economic, social, cultural, academic, scientific and technological collaboration projects.