Brazilian utility selects Itron to improve revenue collection

In Brazil, water utility Aguas de Matao partnered with Itron to reduce its non-revenue water and improve revenue collection by using the company's smart water solution.

In a press statement, Itron said Aguas de Matao will use the firm’s software-as-a-service smart water solution for real-time management and operation of its water distribution infrastructure to improve services to some 27,000 consumers in Matao city in Sao Paulo state.

Itron’s services to Aguas de Matao will include the installation of advanced water meters and the acquisition of smart meter data using Itron’s Temetra advanced data collection software.

The solution provider’s meter data management technologies will process the collected smart meter data into information the Brazilian utility can use to improve the efficiency of its water distribution system.

The smart water solution is expected to help reduce non-revenue expenses associated with water leakages and theft through quick identification of leaks and unusual water consumption patterns. Some monitoring technologies and sensors to be installed will enable detection of meter blockages and backflows, says an Itron statement.

Itron claims its smart water meters will enable the water utility to accurately measure the water consumption of its residential, commercial and industrial customers. In addition, the project will allow customers of Aguas de Matao to reduce their water bills by having access to track their water consumption behaviours using an online portal or via their mobile devices.

The decision by Aguas de Matao to modernise its water metering and distribution infrastructure falls under efforts to reduce non-revenue expenses from 50% of the company’s total revenue.

Marcos Araújo, managing director of utilities at Aegea São Paulo, group of Águas de Matão, said: “By modernising our distribution system and using sophisticated analytics, we will help ensure that our water resources are better managed.”

Brazil’s water distribution infrastructure

In the last quarter of 2016, Itron announced its partnership with UK-headquartered smart water solutions firm i2O Water to help Brazilian utility SANASA to improve its operations and reduce water loss.

 Itron will integrate i20 Water’s smart pressure management technology into SANASA’s water distribution network for remote management of utility’s system.

The technology automatically adjusts water pressure within the distribution system in line with consumers water usage and flow changes. Read more…


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