EDP has begun the deployment of a PRIME AMI in Portugal, with CG Automation as the main supplier of data concentrators, CG subsidiary ZIV has reported.

“We thank EDP for awarding CG this contract, which encourages us to continue innovating and collaborating in different working groups and alliances for the development of multi-standard ZIV smart grid solutions,” commented Fernando Calvo, CG Distribution Automation sales and
application manager. “Many years ago, we believed in the benefits of the PRIME alliance for both utilities and suppliers. Now we envision a very promising future, offering utilities worldwide a comprehensive portfolio including multi-standard smart meters, data concentrators and smart grid communication solutions.”

CG Group Company acquired ZIV in 2012, becoming a key supplier of PRIME meters, as well as offering ZIV’s complete smart grid solutions portfolio.

ZIV’s DCU was the first to be PRIME certified..

EDP, through EDP Distribuição under the Inovgrid project, is aiming to roll out 100,000 EDP continues its steps to reach the target of 100k installed EDP Boxes (smart meters) during the first half of 2014.

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