Elster Electricity LLC has announced enhancements to the EnergyAxis® System, including the release of the EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server (MAS) Release 5.1 and the REX® meter with remote service disconnect switch. EnergyAxis is used for residential and small C&I single-phase metering automation. The system incorporates smart electronic meters with fully automated, intelligent two-way communications for on-request meter reads and server-initiated commands. It uses a two-way RF communication system with the REX meter and A3ALPHA® meter collector to read meter billing and instrumentation data, change energy, demand and time-of-use rates, start or stop load profile interval recording and initiate service connects and disconnects.

Elster Electricity has also made available an under-the-cover Itron 50ESS ERT® on A3D ALPHA meters for energy-only applications. The enhancements to Metercat™, Elster’s meter support software, include support for remote communications in A3D meters. The A3D ALPHA meter with 50ESS ERT enables Itron handheld, mobile and network AMR systems to gather billing data from energy-only, demand and simple TOU metered accounts.

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