Rockstart Accelerator, the Amsterdam-based startup mentor and seed funder, has launched its first smart energy accelerator program with 10 smart energy startup companies from across the globe.

These companies were selected from an initial 130 applications from 39 countries – and they have just embarked on an intensive 100-day pressure-cooker program aimed to put them on the path to success.

Rockstart Accelerator, just three years old itself, seeks to help and support startups in their first 1,000 days, by providing intensive coaching by mentors, a cash investment of €20,000, and the use of office space and legal and administrative advice. For this, Rockstart Accelerator receives an up to 8% equity stake in the startup.

With its initial focus on startups in the web and mobile industry, Rockport Accelerator’s belief is that “for-profit and making the world a better place should go hand-in-hand nowadays,” and that with fossil energy resources having limits, “we need to accelerate innovation in this crucial area of our lives.”

“That’s why we need to help smart energy startups to stimulate the transition to a future proof energy system, through reducing our use of energy, decentralizing the production and distribution of renewable energy, and by developing a reliable and intelligent grid.”

The 10 startups on the Smart Energy Accelerator are:

  • CareToSave (Norway): Smart metering meets gamification to teach kids how to save energy and helps reduce the household’s energy bill in a fun way
  • Dreamups (Netherlands): Collaboration tools for clean tech development projects, providing validation and accountability, overcoming knowledge segmentation and lack of documentation for early stage hardware concepts
  • GiveO2 (Chile): Monitors and tracks trips using a mobile device, providing a better understanding of environmental impact and incentives to change it
  • miniPower (Netherlands): Facilitates the replacement and exploitation of used wind turbines, giving them a second profitable life
  • Power Tags (Israel):  An easy and low cost way to make smarter use of heating, air condition and lighting systems in commercial buildings, using occupants’ real time location
  • QwikSense (Netherlands): Provides organizations with actionable data on how to easily create a healthy working environment and save energy at the same time
  • Reciclata (Greece, Chile, Italy): Changes the way we recycle by adding game mechanics and a rewards system.
  • Skeefer: Makes energy intensive household appliances smarter and develops new ways of using and financing them
  • WeShareSolar: A crowdfunding platform for collective solar energy initiatives, giving support by taking care of financing, contracting, administration and management
  • Woodstacker (Netherlands): Provides modular and flexible building systems and services for sustainable, smart and healthy living that can be used in a variety of purposes.

At the end of the 100-day program, the participants will present their companies and products to a professional audience, including investors, venture capitalists and other influencers.

The participants may then continue with a second, optional 100-day program focused on closing funding, and including an international road trip to help orientate them towards the international market.

By Jonathan Spencer Jones

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