100% connectivity in smart water meter trial in Ireland


Neil Adams,
Business Development
Manager, Sensus
London, England — (METERING.COM) — January 16, 2013 – 100 percent connectivity to smart water meters located underground as part of a long range radio technology trial in Ballincollig, Co.Cork in Ireland has been delivered by Sensus.

The introduction of smart water meters in Ireland will help Irish Water (a subsidiary of BordGáis) deliver efficiencies through the use of metering and network data and also help consumers manage their own water consumption, reducing demand and impact on the environment.

Smart water meters can also help detect early customer side leakages helping to reduce any consequential damages.

“We’re keen to demonstrate that proven solutions exist that address the water management challenges Ireland is currently facing,” said Neil Adams, business development manager at Sensus. “The insight and intelligence that comes from the data generated by smart meters is critical. It gives water utilities greater visibility of their networks and provides information that can then help them manage their networks more efficiently.”

The trial was implemented in partnership with engineering services provider KTL Ltd, and Morrison Utility Services Ireland Ltd, which offers a wide range of utility services including meter installation.

Water charges will start to be introduced to consumers in Ireland in 2014. The introduction of smart water meters will enable homes and businesses to better manage their own consumption.

Ireland is driving forward with water, gas and electricity smart metering programs. If a communications infrastructure was chosen that could support all three utilities there would be significant synergies and cost savings.