12 customer archetypes identified in Britain


Utilities, regulators and others such as policy makers frequently refer to the “average customer” when assessing impacts across a customer base, but in reality such a customer base will, in most cases, comprise a socio-economic cross-section.

In a new study for Britain’s regulator Ofgem, the Centre for Sustainable Energy has identified using an in-house developed model – incorporating comprehensive socio-economic information over several years along with household consumption data – no less than 12 different customer archetypes with common characteristics.

The archetypes are divided into two broad groups differentiated by household heating fuel – non-gas (i.e. electricity or other non-metered fuels), and gas. These are then further divided, with the former group having four different archetypes and the latter – representing over 80% of households in Great Britain – eight archetypes.


Ofgem expects that the archetypes will allow a more sophisticated approach to analysis of the impact of policy proposals on different consumers’ bills, particularly vulnerable groups. Further they should assist in the development more user-friendly communications.

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