20 years of metering solutions


Chisinau, Republic of Moldova — (METERING.COM) — February 10, 2012 – Evolved from a local to a global company and having developed the widely recognized ADDAX brand, Moldovan company ADD GRUP celebrated its 20th anniversary of January 24.

The development of the first smart meter began in 1998, eventually turning into the ADDAX IMS – a complete AMI solution, now in its 7th version using the industry’s best standards to ensure reliability, interoperability and performance.

More than 2 million ADDAX meters are installed in countries including Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Indonesia, and South Africa. The system is aimed at enabling utility companies to harness all the benefits of AMI at low or no operational cost, due to the use of cost effective powerline communication (PLC) technology for data transmission.

The company currently has license agreements with Matritsa (Russia), Teletek (Ukraine) and Itron (Brazil). These companies manufacture AMI equipment based on the ADDAX technology.

For 2012 ADD GRUP plans to further increase production capacity and also to increase its presence in new markets in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Developments to the ADDAX system are also underway. ADDAX equipment with OFDM PRIME capability will be launched in 2012.