28-30 September, 2004: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Europe


28-30 September 2004
Berlin, Germany

Contact: Rick Wall
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Since the idea of deregulation was introduced into the European energy  markets, national models have competed with each other – some with a greater degree of success than others. Whilst the U.K. version with a large regulatory body of several hundred people is viewed as over-regulated, the German "Verbändevereinbarung" (industry-wide agreement) has served its purpose too and will end mid 2004.

Will fast-tracking the implementation of the EU directive lead to harmonisation of grid access rules across Europe? What will this mean for metering and data collection? Will the grid operator be the interface between the customer and the energy provider? The widespread installation of distributed co-generation may well change the roles of the partners involved. Who will then be the customer of whom? What is the impact likely to be on billing or CRM/CIS systems? How can a marketing strategy be optimised in unbundled market environments in which the energy quality is the same for all the customers in a network and independent of the energy provider?

Metering Europe 2004, the leading conference of its kind in Europe, will take place in conjunction with Billing Europe 2004 and CRM/CIS Europe 2004 and will offer answers to current challenges facing utilities, vendors, and specialists. Meet the experts in Berlin and benefit from their know-how.

Event Highlights Include:

  • Metering framework discussions
  • Energy effeciency and management debates
  • AMR and smart meter applications