30,000 water meters to be installed in eastern England


Anglian Water logoIpswich, UK — (METERING.COM) — December 4, 2006 – 30,000 water meters are to be installed in homes in Suffolk in the UK’s East Anglia during the next 18 months in a bid to preserve water supplies in what is one of the driest regions of the country.

Anglian Water, which serves some 2.6 million households in East Anglia and the East Midlands, will be contacting customers in southern Suffolk shortly to offer them the option of switching to a meter or continuing to pay under the rateable value system.
Approximately 58% of Anglian Water’s customers are already metered, and according to the utility metered customers save on average £100 per year (US$200) and also use between 10 and 15% less water than the un-metered customers.

Andrew Mackintosh, head of external communications for Anglian Water, attributes the fact that it was not necessary to impose water restrictions in 2006 to the high percentage of metered customers as well as to the low leakage rates.