The Danish utility company Nord Energy with 91,000 customers has chosen Kamstrup as supplier of 62,000 electricity smart meters – which will ensure that all households in the utility’s supply area will be connected to the smart grid before the end of 2015.

Late last year the Danish Energy Agency finally announced that all electricity meters must be remotely read by the end of 2020. With the investment Nord Energy will have a supply that is future-proof and ready for the green energy transformation in Denmark.

“Our investment gives us significant operational savings in the years to come and will also give our customers a long number of advantages,” commented Nord Energy CEO Peder Kjeldgaard.

Previously Nord Energy acquired approximately 30,000 electricity smart meters from Kamstrup, which are almost installed.

Kamstrup will start to deliver the new order in April 2014 and the implementation of the OMNIA smart grid suite is expected to be completed in a period of 18 months, finishing before the end of 2015. The agreement means that Kamstup will be a total supplier on the project, including running the installation and delivering data to secure the most optimized supply to the customers.