A Pilot Smart Meter Project In Schwerte, Germany


By Ingo Tiede


Stadtwerke Schwerte

The utility is a multi-utility service provider with responsibility for gas, water, electricity, street light, district heating, natural gas fuelling stations and multimedia (telephone, Internet, TV).

Cost cutting in meter reading and the evaluation of AMM scenarios were the focus for the decision of Stadtwerke Schwerte to go for a pilot project. EVB Energie AG was contracted to implement its Meterus Smart Metering solution at 360 households. To run the system three data concentrators were installed. In addition one data concentrator CT meter was installed in the substation near the city centre. This meter measures the total consumption of the substation and delivers information on the power flow and capacity utilisation. This enables the Stadtwerke Schwerte to detect technical losses and fraud.


A measurement transformer 1000/5 A

The server system is hosted at EVB’s headquarter in Velbert, Germany. Meter reading and management of any other feature of the system is done by the utility via Internet access. Each Meterus meter has a major switch which allows up to 100 A. Each meter in the system can be addressed individually and has four tariffs in the meter software itself. The time frames for the tariffs can be changed dynamically and at the selected end of cycles the consumption is stored and transmitted in the system according to predefined intervals. The information provided by the Meterus system can also be exported and processed in other software systems, such as customer care or billing.


Transfer mode system

In addition the actual consumption can be retrieved at any time. With the different interfaces in the meter, i.e. impulse, M-Bus and S0, other meters, such as water, gas and district heat meters, can be added and administered from a centralised centre. The meters can be disconnected and reconnected remotely and the load can be reduced to a specified level.

The system went into operation in August 2006. Already it has delivered good results. The consumption is measured monthly and the data is exported to other systems. Moreover ad hoc meter reading has become very popular.

The project manager of Stadtwerke Schwerte GmbH, Matthias Becker says: “Especially on changes of residences the information for the final billing process is available very timeously, whereas in the past the process used to be very complex.”