A powerful combination – ATR and its Trade Partners


A powerful combination – ATR and its Trade Partners

From the start, Advanced Technology RAMAR has chosen to take a proactive role with the automatic meter reading (AMR) trade associations. We recognised that the ‘one voice’ approach has greater power and impact, and that by taking the time and trouble to get involved we would reap the rewards.

Although still a relatively young industry, the AMR market is fast moving and growing apace, and the representative organisations are not only a key factor in this success, but also they are playing an ever more important role.

In these changing times, the industry is looking not just at the revenue savings to be made but also the use of the world’s sustainable resources and the ecological and energy saving issues. The role of the associations in the lobbying and promotion of automatic meter reading technology and its benefits to decision makers and influencers worldwide is vital for continued growth.

New Applications

Advanced Technology RAMAR’s pioneering approach to AMR solutions has driven us to identify new and exciting technology applications. In the UK, the smart home market is booming and we have taken the lead by becoming the first AMR provider to join the Application Home Initiative.

The Initiative is an innovative new trade association created to focus on the feasibility and promotion of smart home applications. It is co-ordinating a test facility for a ‘virtual home’ of the future, and other members include prestigious organisations such as IBM, Sony, BSkyB and Centrica.

Identifying new business trends and commercial, industrial and technical developments is another key role of the associations. Where a new market is blossoming, such as smart house developments, they are well placed to promote AMR to high level influencers and decision makers.

Advanced Technology RAMAR is a member of AMRA, its European arm, e-AMRA.com, BEAMA, BEMCA, IURPA and LPRA.

I was very pleased to become the honorary secretary for the UK local focus group of e-amra.com. Based in the UK, it provides services to members through the main ‘umbrella’ organisation and via local focus groups in each European country.

e-amra.com provides for the discussion and debate of topical issues, such as deregulation, and is backed by an expert pool of knowledge. It actively supports knowledge sharing to grow the industry and is currently offering special free membership to all European utilities. The regular meetings and seminars help to bring the industry together and forge closer working relationships. And as we continue to develop the European market, our involvement is essential to the business going forward.

While some organisations may have concerns about sharing expertise and information within the association network, particularly from a competitive point of view, no organisation can operate in isolation. Above all, our professional associations present a ‘united front’ for the growth and promotion of the AMR industry as a whole.