ABB and Volvo partner on electric bus project in Gothenburg


ABB and Volvo are partnering to deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure and some 157 electric buses in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille – Sweden.

ABB and Volvo have won a contract with Swedish public transport firm Vasttrafik as part of efforts to electrify 100% of Gothenburg’s city traffic by 2030.

The electric buses will be owned by Transdev and will decarbonise the 180 million trips made by the company’s bus in the region each year.

The electric bus will carry 150 passengers and reduce carbon emissions by 88%.

Some 19 new high-power electric chargers will be installed during the second half of 2020 before the new buses go into operation, and another two stations are planned for the future. 

By December 2020, the newly electrified lines will have 220 electric buses.

ABB will supply a complete solution that includes both the charging stations and all the necessary grid connection hardware via the firm’s cable distribution cabinets

The 450KW chargers will be able to fully charge an electric bus in just three to six minutes.

Håkan Agnevall, President, Volvo Buses. “The solution shows that electric buses are not only something for the future, but already today provide cities with public transport that is sustainable and financially viable.”