ABB, Bosch and Cisco team on single smart home platform

Bosch, Cisco team to launch single platform for smart home
The Mozaiq platform aims to create a single way to control and monitor smart home appliances

In Europe, ABB, Robert Bosch and Cisco Systems have announced a new joint venture in a bid to develop an open-software platform to unify standalone solutions for home automation to enable interoperability across devices.

The joint venture company – Mozaiq Operations – will develop the platform, which the companies envision will combine the Internet of Things, making it easier for a wide range of home energy management applications to communicate with each other.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s Low Voltage Products Division, said: “This joint effort to develop an open-software platform for smart homes fits perfectly with ABB’s strategy to leverage the expanding opportunities of the Internet of Things, Services and People for consumers and companies alike.”

According to ABB, consumers will be able to “seamlessly and intuitively tailor their appliances and devices, regardless of brand, to deliver an unprecedented level of control, comfort and significantly improve energy efficiency.”

Secure exchange of consumption data

With home energy management devices, smart household appliances can be controlled through smart phones or through a pre-set instruction.

The Mozaiq software has potential for a range of new services by facilitating the secure exchange of data between various devices and their users, said Mehta.

He said: “ABB has a comprehensive range of solutions for residential and commercial buildings and is committed to driving innovation in this exciting space. Collaborations such as Mozaiq will ensure that consumers have faster access to the best-possible technology.”

A shareholder agreement detailing the JV was signed on November 27, 2014.

Demand for single interoperable platform

The need for a single smart home device in the home energy market prompted Engerati, the sister portal to focusing on smart energy, to comment that: “Buyers will want convenience and connectivity with easy to set up and interoperable devices and services, inevitably from multiple manufacturers – such as PV, storage, lighting, security, etc. – and a single platform to operate them, currently from a smartphone and more likely in the future from a watch or other wearable.”