Actility partners on IoT network rollout in Finland


[quote] Following the completion of a successful trial period of several months, the companies have seen that the market is ready for a full-scale commercial deployment, with rollout for full area coverage to start in major cities. [US federal gov lagging in IoT adoption – report]

The rollout is reported to be the first commercial LoRa network for IoT to be deployed in Finland.

The network is purposed to enable services across a wide variety of domains, including smart cities, smart agriculture and logistics.

During the trial period, Digita and partner VVO Group evaluated a smart home solution using Actility’s platform, which monitored temperature and humidity in 200 of VVO Group’s properties in the city of Espoo – the second largest city and municipality in Finland.

Maintaining healthy living conditions is easy when the factors that affect residents’ comfort can be recognised in real time,” explains Kimmo Rintala, head of VVO Group’s property development unit.

“Continuous measuring also enables us to detect obvious apartment-specific faults even before the residents themselves have time to react. Digita’s solution eliminates the need for property-specific installations, as it is based on sensors within apartments that are able to communicate directly with Digita’s system.”

Digita broadcasts radio and TV programmes to all of Finland. The company also develops and supplies Internet TV and radio services along with services based on comprehensive network infrastructure.

IoT network deployment

The LoRa core network service is delivered through Actility’s ThingPark Wireless solution, an integrated platform for the Internet of Things. [Security and smart home spur IoT growth]

Olivier Hersent, CTO of Actility, said: “Finland is an innovative country, with a real hunger for new technologies.  The IoT provides fantastic new opportunities to create compelling services for citizens and government. The increased area that can be reached quickly by implementing LoRa technology on broadcast masts, ensures even better coverage and reduces the required number of gateways.”

Digita’s COO Markus Ala-Hautala, added: “… IoT technology will revolutionise our daily lives. It can be used, for example, to monitor building conditions, save energy, prevent water damage, prevent theft, locate objects, locate pets, optimize farming and monitor health. In theory, there is no limit to the kinds of applications that are possible.”