Adapt4EE promises a powerful tool for building energy performance studies


The European Commission supported Adapt4EE project, which is focussed on occupant aware energy performance optimization, is set to provide a powerful tool for building energy performance studies, the project team has reported.

Architects, designers and engineers need tools that will assist them in creating better and more sustainable construction projects. More specifically, during the early design phase the focus on energy efficiency should be on realizing the most efficient design, taking into account the many potential variables (e.g. health and comfort, building costs, whole life cycle costs, etc.) – but also including one of the most important factors, that of the occupants’ behavior.

Currently, the capability of CAD systems to support the early design stages is limited, since most systems require detailed model development. Adapt4EE provides the technological basis for near future development of robust building design products, where full life cycle evaluation is eventually treated as a routine process.

The ultimate goal of Adapt4EE is to augment the contemporary architectural envelope by incorporating more accurate business and occupancy related information, thus providing a holistic approach to the planning, design and evaluation of the energy performance of construction products at an early design phase and prior to their realization. The framework will allow for easy and cost effective incorporation of energy performance simulation and evaluation tools, as well as interoperability with all existing platforms and software, providing enhanced functionality to architects, designers and engineers towards more energy efficient, intelligent and adaptive construction products.

To this end, and with one year left until project ends, the latest advancements of the Adapt4EE project will be presented and demonstrated in the ICT 2013 Exhibition and Conference, which will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 6-8, 2013.