ADD Grup achievement: German meter MID certified


This week the ADDAX FNN meter has been certified by the independent and neutral CSE Group, a German national and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrotechnical devices, components and systems. The laboratory tests electro-products there for safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other product characteristics.

Together with Devolo, the German company that specialises in the development of communications devices for private consumers and industrial applications, ADD Grup united efforts to design and come up with a meter that will adapt to the conditions and needs of German energy field.

The Devolo AD13D.2-3-1 meter is ADD’s pride as this meter is FNN-compliant and can be used as modern measuring equipment and in an intelligent measuring system. The meter is flexible and the complete smart metering infrastructure can be installed on the integrated DIN rail. It is equipped with an interface for smart meter gateway (SMWG) or external communication device (TVSC).

The other benefits of the meter are:

  • visualisation of the current and past consumption values in 2-line LED display (in accordance with FNN specifications and the Metering Point Operation Act);
  • measurement in one or two energy flow directions (suitable for photovoltaic applications) in accordance with MID class B;
  • EMC testing and interference immunity in accordance with FNN specifications and
  • the integrated two tariff terminals which let the energy provider offer customers a two-tariff system (peak and off-peak), without needing the installation of an intelligent measuring system.

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