ADD GRUP receives KEMA certification for AD13A and AD13A.3 smart meters


The approval is not the first certification with KEMA.

For ADD GRUP, having been certified by KEMA means being approved by one of the world’s best performing testing and inspection companies. KEMA’s main product is the Type Test Certificate which is an internationally recognised type test programme, which is a respected indicator of reliability and safety of products. All laboratories are designed and equipped to perform tests in accordance with the latest international standards.

KEMA smart meters certification

Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

The certified AD13A and AD13A.3 meters by ADD GRUP are electronic three-phase four-wire energy meters with direct connection class 1.0 and CT connection class 0.2S respectively. Both energy meters meet the requirements of Directive 2014/32/EU, on the harmonization of the Laws of Member States related to the making available on the market of the measuring instruments.

ADD GRUP’s smart meters are unique in its interoperability and ability to show identical high performance with the communication system (data concentrators) manufactured by other companies. This benefit is the major one ADD GRUP tried to stress mainly because this makes the smart meter functional and efficient. Apart from this, ADDAX meters have very strong anti-fraud features that help to detect any possible intervention in the system. As tampering methods nowadays become more and more well-thought-out, utility companies find it difficult to prevent 100% of electricity fraud commitments.

The company is also extremely concerned about the environmental safety in smart metering production which is an advantage the company is proud of. During the manufacturing process, ADD aims to ensure all requirements, regulations and world standards are applied.

The newly certified meters are currently creating hype in the electricity segment as it adds another group of meters to the box of world’s trustworthy inventions.


*Information provided by ADD GRUP

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