ADD GRUP completes smart meter pilot in Romania


The aim of the smart meter pilot was to test various smart meters produced by different manufacturers and to show how current smart grid technologies can assist in balancing the energy demand and supply curve.

CEZ Romania serves approximately 1.4 million customers in the south-west of the country.

While in the process of establishing the groundwork for the smart meter pilot, CEZ pointed out the major concerns as well as the major objectives related to the project.

The utility wanted to understand the technology and select the best option that would be responsive, taking into consideration the specific conditions of the region, the amount of time needed for the smart meter roll-out, the different connection possibilities and so forth.

Smart meter pilot solution requirements

The power distribution company wanted to ensure that data could be applied to help reduce fraud attempts and tampering.

CEZ Romania also wanted a smart metering solution that would enable remote monitoring and supervision; enable energy savings, frequent data transfer (15 minute intervals), so that any unauthorized access attempts to the meter are registered and dealt with.  The smart meter solution also had to provide detailed information to be able to monitor abnormalities and assist with monitoring and control of energy use in accordance with the needs of consumers.

After a very constructive dialog with representatives of CEZ, ADD GRUP offered to implement its ADDAX Integrated Metering System (IMS).

Pilot results

According to CEZ representatives, the ADDAX smart meters have “shown a result at 99.9-100% in a 24-hour and 48-hour period. The connection was found to be stable at all points – 95.5% for all installed devices and there were no reported issues along the way.”


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