ADDAX meters and data concentrators to be based on a universal hardware platform


Chisinau, Republic of Moldova — (METERING.COM) — August 8, 2013 – A universal hardware platform of ADDAX meters and data concentrators, which will support remote switching between PLC technologies/modulations, thus making it easier to implement new projects, support the existing rollouts and streamline the production process, has been released by ADD GRUP.

In ADDAX IMS the connection between the meter and the concentrator is realized through powerline communications, implemented through one of three modulations, FSK, S-FSK IEC-61334 or OFDM PRIME. The first versions of ADDAX used FSK modulation, later ones were based on S-FSK (DLMS compliant), and recently OFDM PRIME has been implemented.

Until recently a specific ADDAX concentrator, and the corresponding meter, were designed to work on one PLC modulation only, either FSK, S-FSK or OFDM. The choice was made together with the client, depending on the grid topology, reading frequency, need for interoperability, etc.

As the new ADDAX meters and concentrator will be based on a universal platform, the operator of the AMI system can easily switch between the different regimes (FSK, S-FSK, OFDM), to adjust to changing environment  and optimize the data transmission. The shift in the modulation is a matter of remote configuration and does not require any change in hardware, or the presence of field personnel.

The implementation of the unified platform will streamline the manufacturing and further simplify the choice of the model and the execution of the order.

The universal platform, with all the existing functionality, will be embedded in fewer meter models, thus simplifying the business processes of acquisitions and will enable economies of scale.