Georgian Water and Power pilots smart water meters


The utility provides water and electric services to some 470,000 consumers in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will deploy Kamstrup’s smart water meters to accurately bill its customers. Currently, the two companies are implementing a pilot of the advanced water metering system, related technologies and services.

The Georgian Water and Power Ltd (GWP) provides the Tbilisi population, state institutions, industrial and commercial facilities with quality drinking water. More than 3000 employees of the company take care of the water supply and sewerage services of the city. Georgian Water and Power serves 467 300 customers throughout the city, including 446 200 households and 18 500 non-household customers.

The results of the pilot will help Kamstrup and GWP decide when and how they will install some 10,000 smart water meters in the second phase of their partnership.

The advanced water metering system is expected to help consumers of GWP to improve their water efficiency and keep their water bills low through access to real-time water consumption data.

The project will enable GWP to remotely access consumer water usage data, eliminate manual meter readings and help the utility reduce operational costs incurred during the meter reading process.

The partnership with Kamstrup on an advanced metering infrastructure programme makes GWP the first utility in Tbilisi to adopt smart water meters.

“Accuracy, reliability, functional capabilities and TCO (total cost of ownership) of meters were the main reasons why Georgian Water and Power selected Kamstrup as our strategic long term partner for newly initiated metering project,” says GWP in a combined statement.

Tanja Kisliakova, a sales manager at Kamstrup, added: “The intelligent meters will enable Georgian Water and Power to measure the consumers’ water consumption precisely – every drop will be counted. And the meters are also able to detect leaks in a pipe or a running toilet, which will be a great advantage for the consumers as they can save both money and water”.

Kamstrup in the advanced water metering market

Meanwhile, in the US state of Texas, the city of Magnolia is partnering with Kamstrup to upgrade its meter reading infrastructure.

According to a statement, Magnolia water department will integrate with its water network Kamstrup’s READY automated meter reading system. The solution will include some 1,120 ultrasonic smart water meters and an automated meter reading system to enable the utility division to remotely read water consumption data. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.