AEM Turin signs contract for 600,000 meters


Livio GalloTurin, Italy — (METERING.COM) — October 31, 2006 – AEM Distribuzione Torino, an Italian electricity company owned by AEM Torino, has signed a 37 million euro three-year agreement with IBM for more than 600,000 Enel metering counters in a comprehensive, integrated automated meter management (AMM) solution. All of AEM Distribuzione Torino’s traditional meters will be replaced by 2009.

The remote management capability solution brings significant benefits to customers who will be able to monitor actual electricity and gas consumption in their homes. Over time, the solution will allow the introduction of highly customized flexible pricing options, allowing customers even more control over energy consumption.

Today’s agreement with AEM Distribuzione Torino is another major transformation deal in the automated meter management market, leveraging the AMM alliance between IBM and Enel, Italy’s main utility company. It also represents another step in the utility industry’s move toward building an intelligent utility network.

An intelligent grid provides utilities with on-demand data and information that can enhance service to customers and improve electric power line grid planning, operations and maintenance. That in turn contributes to fewer and shorter outages, better customer service, improved operating costs and security, and higher productivity.

In March 2004, IBM and Enel announced an alliance to deliver Enel’s advanced AMM system solutions to utilities worldwide. The contract announced today leverages the breadth of IBM’s capabilities in consulting and integration services to help optimize AEM Distribuzione Torino’s business performance. 

“We are seeing a distinctive uptake in the installation and use of smart meters and automated meter management programs as the cornerstone for building an intelligent utility network,” says Guido Bartels, General Manager, IBM Global Energy and Utilities Industry. “We’re thrilled to be working with AEM Turin on this initiative, which brings IBM’s vision of intelligent grids to life, where utility companies are able to view and respond to the health and status of their entire network, in real-time. This is a prime example of teaming to innovate.”

“This contract,” says Livio Gallo, Infrastructure and Networks Director, Enel, “is a further confirmation of Enel’s technological leadership in the area of electronic metering. So far, more than 29 million Enel clients have an automated meter installed, and about 28 million already benefit from the advantages of electronic metering in the unique system patented by Enel.”