Agreement offers business process management for smart metering


Trondheim, Norway — (METERING.COM) — March 5, 2009: An agreement has been signed between software solution providers Powel ASA and Cordys to offer an integrated business process management framework on top of Powel’s smart metering and smart grid solutions.

Under the agreement Powel will add value to its advanced smart metering solutions by embedding Cordys’s SOA-based business process management platform with centralized control, automated workflow and a high degree of flexibility and scalability into its software suite. With this added functionality, energy companies can automate work processes quickly, monitor activities in real time, and easily integrate legacy systems to create a scalable and highly agile business operations platform.

The platform offers a comprehensive set of business processes, including meter management, meter data management, workflow and dashboards, with application integration capabilities for CRM, ERP and geographical information systems (GIS).  

“As demand on smart metering infrastructure increases, so does the demand on the business processes that support it,” said Frode Solem, Powel’s VP smart metering solutions. “Combined with the embedded business process management functionality from Cordys, our smart metering suite will enable our customers not only to deploy an advanced smart metering infrastructure, but also it will give them the opportunity to design, execute, monitor and change automated business processes quickly and frequently. This will undoubtedly drive real competitive advantage to our customers as the market evolves.”

Powel is currently responsible for controlling and reading more than one million smart energy meters throughout Scandinavia.  Implementing, controlling, and monitoring millions of transactions across the supply chain requires a powerful business operations platform that can automate cross functional workflows. The embedded Cordys process innovation functionality allows energy companies to monitor transactions, analyze and continuously improve processes, as well as easily integrate a smart metering solution into existing internal and external IT environments.

“Responding to high customer expectations, frequently changing legislation, new compliancy rules, and unforeseen market conditions is all about speed of change and process innovation,” said Ron Matser, senior vice president strategic alliances at Cordys. “The embedded Cordys functionality within Powel’s smart metering solution will enable customers to increase operational efficiency and productivity as well as drive cost savings. We are excited to have been chosen to help Powel bring this offering to the energy sector.”