All-purpose energy meter

Kamstrup A/S, Denmark’s largest manufacturer of energy meters, has introduced the latest addition to its product portfolio – the MULTICAL® 601. This meter is designed to measure heat, cooling and combined heat/cooling. An entirely new design means that MULTICAL® 601 performs several functions at the same time.

Measuring energy in systems with two heat circuits or tap water circuits has required more than one meter until now, but MULTICAL® 601 handles this in one and the same calculator.

The meter is supplied with a full-scale datalogger for daily, monthly and yearly data, and can be extended to accommodate hourly data too. It can be upgraded with a number of different communication and function models, and can communicate via several media at the same time. MULTICAL® 601 is tested according to prEN 1434:2004 – the most extensive standard for heat meters – and is MID ready.