Alliance will tackle recycling of brass water meters


Sensus LogoStevenage, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — December 8, 2006 – Sensus Metering Systems has joined forces with Alchemy Metals to manage the disposal and recycling of brass water meters when they come to the end of their operating lives. Under the arrangement, water companies will receive a pay-back on the recycled materials by way of a cost off-set against new Sensus meters.

Jon Parr, General Manager of Sensus in the UK, says: “Non-metallic composites – as used in our new residential meter – will be an important materials technology in the future, but this partnership with Alchemy provides a solution for today’s recycling challenges. The programme we have put in place will provide a fully traceable process for the recovery and recycling of meter metals – and will deliver a pay-back to companies based on an agreed per kilogram value of reclaimed material.

“The process will be simple and transparent and will not only deliver financial benefit to water companies but will also contribute positively to wider environmental and sustainability issues. Our commitment is provide a true end-to-end service.”

Under the terms of the partnership, Sensus customers will be provided with a secure and lockable container for the storage and transit of brass meter waste. Alchemy will collect the meters and provide a detailed analysis of the materials and quantities recovered. Brass waste will be smelted back into ingot.

“We have selected Alchemy as our partner because of the company’s advanced processes, not just for the recovery of metals but for the detailed analysis they are able to provide of the recovered elements. This ensures traceability and transparency for the whole programme.”