AMI and smart grid for Malta


Austin Gatt,
Malta’s Minister for
Infrastructure, Transport
and Communications
Marsa, Malta — (METERING.COM) — February 5, 2009 – Malta’s national electricity and water utilities, Enemalta Corporation (EMC) and Water Services Corporation (WSC), have entered into a €70 million, five-year agreement for the design and delivery of a nationwide AMI and smart grid implementation.

The solution, which will be provided by IBM, is designed to improve operational efficiency and customer service levels by introducing smart meters that allow clients to better manage consumption.

The project is the first step in establishing an end-to-end electricity and water smart utility system. When complete, the multi-phased engagement is expected to completely transform the relationship between Maltese consumers and utilities suppliers, while enabling more efficient consumption of energy and water.

All 250,000 analog electricity meters will be replaced with new smart electronic devices. In addition water meters will be integrated with advanced IT applications, enabling remote monitoring, management, meter readings and meter suspensions.

The project will also involve the implementation of SAP’s ERP-based system and its billing application.

A joint venture will also be set up between the two utilities to consolidate their retail functions, including meter management, billing management, credit control, debt management, and call center service.

"This agreement will not just transform Enemalta’s metering operations but will help us introduce new back-office applications to provide an unprecedented customer relations service," said Enemalta’s CEO Ing. Karl Camilleri. "With the right infrastructure in place to distribute electricity on the national grid we are looking at ways to both optimize current operations, as well as open up potentially new untapped markets in the way we conduct our business operations."

"The implementation of an advanced automated meter management system will permit the Corporation to further improve its water loss management initiatives," said WSC CEO Ing. Marc Muscat.

“This investment constitutes one of the largest, if not the largest ICT driven business transformation investment that will have been undertaken by the government,” said minister for infrastructure, transport and communications, Austin Gatt, during its launch. “I am convinced that the relationship we have entered into will leave major and long term benefits to Malta whilst providing a unique opportunity to achieve integrated electricity and water management technology solutions.”

The agreement was signed prior to year end 2008. The system is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.