AMR in Sweden using Powel’s open data collecting system


AMR in Sweden using Powel’s open data collecting system

In Sweden it is legislated that in 2009 all meters shall be read monthly – and as a consequence, most utilities are introducing or planning to introduce AMR for all their customers. Co-operation between utilities for meter data collection and management is needed to operate AMR efficiently, and more than 30 medium-sized utilities have formed the SAMS (Swedish metering co-operation) organisation for purchasing both hardware and software – including open data collecting software.

These utilities have chosen Powel to supply its open meter reading communication system Powel ELIN.

Powel ELIN is an open system reading protocols from different meters and multi-points. The system manages the metering devices, configures meters and multi-points, schedules and monitors communication and collects the data. It produces alarms and reports regarding status of communication and data collection, and exports the data to third party systems for billing etc.

Powel ELIN has a flexible, modular design that can be configured for a variety of applications. Customers and system operators log in using the same web interface. Information in the web browser is adapted to the user type. Meter protocols are represented as adapters, which are implemented for all the protocols necessary to collect data from AMR equipment. It also features separate adapter modules for heating, gas and water, which accommodate the wide variety of protocols available in the market.

The system uses an adapter-oriented architecture, in which one adapter represents one protocol, allowing it to communicate with a wide range of metering equipment when the right adapter is installed. It also keeps different data formats and protocols separated, and enables the system to integrate easily with new types of meters. The complexity and number of adapters depends on the specifications of the meters, terminals, and/or concentrators users need to implement.

Currently Powel ELIN includes integrations to more than 20 billing systems and more than 40 types of meters/multipoints. The system schedules and monitors the communication using GPRS, Radio, TCP/IP, GSM, PLC and PSTN.

As a subcontractor to Telenor Cinclus, Powel ELIN also collects data from more than 1.5 million meters belonging to E.ON Sweden and Fortum Sweden.