AMR over powerlines


The Mercury PLC system from INCOTEX Ltd. of Russia is designed for remote collection of electricity, water, gas and heat consumption data over powerlines, and has been developed specifically for transmission lines which are characterised by high levels of noise, strong attenuation and signal distortion.

Distinctive features of the system include high reliability of data transmission, a very low power modem and cost-effective operation. The Mercury PLC solution is made up of a service modem PLC LSM (low speed modem) and a concentrator PLC LSC (low speed concentrator). The built-in modem works on the MCU principle, reducing the speed of digital transmission and reception. The information received by the modems is transmitted through three-phase powerlines to the concentrator, which is able to process up to 3000 registration points simultaneously. The information is then transmitted to the data processing centre via Ethernet, GSM or GPRS.

The Mercury PLC system is ideal for application in the housing sector, small power engineering enterprises and any other area where low data transfer rates are acceptable.