AMR technology for Scandinavia


Skagerak Energi of Norway is acquiring a share of Telenor Cinclus and entering into an agreement to offer its customers automatic meter reading using mobile technology. Together, the two companies will be offering products that provide network owners and energy suppliers with currently updated data, and enable consumers to reduce their electricity costs.

Telenor Cinclus has developed a solution that uses mobile technology to register and compile data relating to the electrical consumption of Norwegian households. During the initial phase, to begin in autumn 2005, Skagerak Energi will install the new solution at 1,000 households in the Vestfold and Grenland region. Next year an additional 30,000 households will receive the new meter reading solution.

There are approximately 2.2 million electric metering points in Norway today, and approximately 13 million metering points in the Nordic region. Telenor Cinclus aims to capture 30% of the Nordic market – the company believes that Norway will follow Sweden’s lead in requiring all consumers to have meters that can be read remotely.

The solution from Telenor Cinclus automatically registers power consumption every hour, sending this information to the network provider. This will give energy suppliers’ information that will enable them to offer pricing models that are more in line with demand.

Telenor Cinclus’ meter reading service uses a technology platform that makes it easier for energy suppliers to offer additional value-adding services such as water consumption reading and various control systems that manage electrical consumption in the house, as well as home security and other safety solutions.