Anglian Water and Arqiva partner in smart meter rollout


[quote] Sensus will provide the smart meter units under the four year deal, while Arqiva’s two-way communications network will be used to transmit the data. [Anglian Water wins Green Economy Award with geo’s in-home water display]

According to a release, the aim of the rollout is to improve customer satisfaction and reduce water consumption to 80 litres per head, per day.

Arqiva will provide hourly readings to Anglian Water, in order that they may identify and proactively respond to unusual usage patterns as soon as possible.

As part of the smart water meter trial, Anglian Water will also be able to remotely reconfigure meters to deliver more frequent meter readings (every 15 minutes) for accurate identification of leaks.

Anglian Water customers taking part in the trial will also be provided with online access to their water consumption data. They will also be given advice on how to decrease their water consumption.

Anglian Water’s Paul Glass, programme manager for the smart metering initiative, said: “Long-term access to secure supplies of water is one of the most pressing environmental and economic challenges the world faces today, and that challenge is particularly acute in the east of England, which is the driest region in the UK. Getting to grips with it is not something that can wait until tomorrow.”

Sean Weir, director of smart M2M, Arqiva added: “Arqiva is committed to working with water companies to help them use smart metering to tackle the challenge of water scarcity. Accurate monitoring helps water companies act quickly on leakages and we pride ourselves on the delivery of robust, reliable and comprehensive network solutions that aid this process.”

The network will take approximately six months to build.

Welsh Water partners with Open Energi

In related news, Welsh Water entered into a deal with demand response technology firm Open Energi to reduce power usage by it water plants. [UK water utility selects Open Energi for DR]

Through implementation, the water utility expects to lower its energy costs and believes it will assist its power supplier, National Grid, to manage peak demand. Open Energi’s technology enables the automatic adjustment of the utility’s water pumps to ‘low power consuming’, should demand exceed the power available.

The system also raises the power demand from Welsh Water plants during times when generation from renewable energy resources is high to avoid waste of energy generated.


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