Appointments at Ofgem


Mark Feather,
ICL, Ofgem
UK — (METERING.COM) — December 6, 2007 – Feather has been Associate Director of ICL since November 2004, where his work centers on ensuring that Ofgem’s policy teams comply with processes for managing modification decisions, code governance policy development and license applications.

His work has included the management of Ofgem’s consideration of National Grid’s plans to sell four of its gas distribution networks in 2005; the development of the gas entry auction regime; and managing enduring gas offtake reform. More recently he has taken the helm on a major project to review the governance of the code modification and charging methodology process.

Fletcher joined Ofgem in September 2005 and has taken the lead on metering, retail and distributed energy issues. She has over 12 years’ experience in the international energy sector, working as a consultant specializing in energy regulation. She has been involved in a range of projects relating to regulatory reform, industry restructuring and privatization.

She will replace Martin Crouch when he moves to the Markets Division in the new year.