ARM and China’s Thundersoft launch IoT accelerator

ARM and Thundersoft establish Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator in China
According to the chairman of Thundersoft, IoT start-ups in China are often challenged by lack of complete product experience, resources and ecosystem support

In East Asia, multinational semiconductor company ARM and Thundersoft, a smart device platform, have partnered to establish an Internet of Things accelerator in China.

Based in Beijing, the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator will act as a “one stop shop” for start-up companies and OEM’s for further development in China’s Internet of Things market.

The facility will offer workshops, training and design services to start-ups for ARM’s integrated hardware and software.

The ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator will also provide system integration services in line with the needs of the local design environment, aimed to facilitate and hasten the process from prototype to production of IoT solutions.

Says Allen Wu, president of Greater China for ARM: “China is the largest IoT market in the world and there is a compelling growth opportunity for local companies if we address today’s fragmented technology landscape.

“We are providing the ability for any company, big or small, to access integrated resources and expertise to simplify product development and accelerate time-to-market.

“The ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator is a powerful and open platform containing the resources of the world’s biggest technology ecosystem that will enable local companies to innovate, grow and succeed in the smart and connected world.”

Barriers to IoT implementation

Hongfei Zhao, chairman at Thundersoft, said that start-up companies in China looking to enter the IoT market are often challenged by lack of complete product experience, resources and ecosystem support.

He added that Thundersoft’s partnership with ARM will provide the system-level product development services and support needed by entrepreneurs to develop IoT applications and services.

Zhao says that the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator will iron out and “address the pain points” of IoT product and services development.

Lu Shan, director general of Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion (CSIP) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology commented: “[The ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator] will enable us to innovate and develop a diverse range of smart products and services.

“With that, it will empower China’s IoT industry development. CSIP and ARM share a common vision in terms of encouraging industry collaboration and development. Given the strong support from government, we believe there will be more and more innovation and services realised on the ARM platform, supporting fast growth for the Chinese IoT industry.”