Atos unveils new data analytics tech for utilities


In a press statement, the company said its Atos Codex is for use by organisations operating in data intensive environments such as the utilities, energy, manufacturing sectors and other industries including the retail and telco sectors.

Revenue collection

For the telecoms sector, the French headquartered company claims the tech which is offered as a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) will help firms to boost their revenue.

The solution will allow businesses to analyse customer experience and network activities in real time to customise their marketing activities [Data analytics: Global market to triple by 2022, says new report].

Commenting on the launch, Ursula Morgenstern, Head of Global Consulting and Systems Integration at Atos, said: “Data is the new black gold that is fuelling the digital revolution – but as oil, data is useless in its natural format and needs to be refined.”

Infrastructure management

In the manufacturing industry, the tool is designed to help companies reduce expenditures in infrastructure replacements by minimising equipment downtime.

The solution analyses tools’ environments and diagnostic data such as vibration and cumulative exposure to extreme conditions. By so doing, the technology can predict the operating life span of the equipment as well as replace parts in deterioration state.

[quote]For the retail industry, Atos Codex can be utilised to process high volumes of data in real time in an automated manner to perform tasks such as fraud management in payments and ultra-personalisation in retail interactions with consumers.

The solution was developed under the company’s partnership for technology innovations with various companies such as Siemens.

To support the adoption of the data analytics solution on a global scale, ATOS has established two global delivery centers in Poland and India.

The launch of the solution follows the release of a report by global markets intelligence company Gartner forecasting that “by 2017, organisations using predictive business performance metrics will increase their profitability by 20%.”

Data analytics in the UK

In late February, Onzo and Ubisense, UK enterprise location companies, partnered to deliver intelligence about where and how their customers use energy.

The companies agreed to combine the data analytics functionality of Onzo’s utility customer insight and engagement platform with the location intelligence capabilities of the Ubisense platform.

In doing so, the partnership will help utilities to have greater and more easily understood intelligence about where and how their customers are using energy.

By using this intelligence, utilities will also be able to achieve significant benefits in customer service, marketing, planning, T&D operations and other key business functions.

According to a company release, the Onzo embeded Ubisense as part of its overall solution and integrated a live map-based operating view of the utility network.

This included insights from Onzo’s smart meter and sensor analytics, customer behavior analytics and load disaggregation analytics.

“Adding ‘Where’ Component Brings New Insights Into Customer Energy Consumption and Better Customer Engagement Results,” added the company release.

The solution will assist utilities to locate pockets of abnormally high energy use, identify contributing factors for poor demand response programme retention, pinpointing customers most likely to achieve the highest demand response results and identifying areas with high solar or EV penetration.