Atos unveils new meter data analytics solution

meter data analytics solution
Atos has introduced the new Big Data analytics solution to help utilities to better their customers’ consumption behaviour and how to change it

In Europe, energy management solutions provider Atos Worldgrid in late October launched a new energy solution, Big Data analytics, targeted at helping utilities create new services based on meter data.

According to a press statement, the solution developed on the Atos Business Analytics Platform will assist utilities to improve customer engagement, minimise churn and open new revenue streams.

The Big Data analytics solution processes electricity, gas and water meter data for distribution and retailers and can assist utilities to monitor customers’ behaviour on resource consumption through provision of real time information, said Jerome de Parscau, CEO at Atos.

Atos in Europe’s smart metering

The development complements Atos’ efforts to increase its presence in global smart metering initiatives.

In September, Serbian utility EPS selected the energy solution provider as primary partner for the implementation of the first phase of a transition programme covering 3.3 million electricity meters in Serbia.

The deal expected to be delivered by the end of 2017 includes Atos replacing EPS’ 215.000 electricity meters with smart meters.

Atos will also manage the utility’s AMI system consisting of high speed data processing in a multi user environment, based on a client server architecture connected to billing and customer information systems, Metering & Smart Energy International has learnt.

By the end of 2019, Atos is expected will have installed most of the 470.000 smart electricity meters, the energy management solutions provider was signed to deploy in Salsburg by the Austrian based infrastructure service provider ,Salzburg Netz GmbH, in line with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Atos will also monitor the supporting infrastructure of the smart electricity meters.

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