Austria’s EVN joins Euro cyber group to boost smart meter security


cyber-311111In Europe, Austria’s largest multi-energy provider EVN has announced it is the newest member of the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS).

EVN and ENCS will work together to establish a new set of smart meter security requirements to strengthen the company’s security strategy and set a foundation for future utility deployments, said an ENCS statement.

The two companies will share cyber-security information and expertise to secure smart meter systems and critical infrastructure.

They will also engage in research, testing, knowledge sharing and training activities for the development of the smart metering and smart grid infrastructure.

Commenting on the partnership, Robert Redl, CIO at EVN, said: “For EVN, we have been looking for a partner on a pan-European level who can combine the expertise in cyber security on a technical level as well as one who is actively conducting research into new techniques and cryptology that we can call upon to protect our networks.

“That partner for us is the European Network for Cyber Security. Security and safety of the energy supply is a focus point for EVN. By working together with other DSOs, we can build a more resilient network not only for EVN, but for everyone.”

Best practice European cyber security

The collaboration seeks to benefit Europe as a whole, devising ways for implementing robust security measures for critical infrastructures. Membership in ENCS is reserved for European critical infrastructure owners and national distribution system operators.

ENCS seeks to develop a set of security requirements for smart metering complementing EC positioning  and other European smart grid projects, says the cyber-security network association.

Security requirements will address security-specific risks and threats during the initial risk assessment phase, meeting EVN’s smart grid architecture, technology choices and goals.

Jouke Eikelboom, managing director, at ENCS, concluded: “Together with our other members such as Alliander, E.ON and Enexis, we are working together to set the standard in cyber security for smart grid and smart meter deployments across Europe.

“The mission of ENCS is to bring together critical infrastructure stake owners and security experts to work together in order to deploy secure European critical energy grids that meet today’s challenges, but also allow for the critical need to evolve with the ever adapting technology of tomorrow.”