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Edge intelligence: There is a current trend toward the move of data intelligence from the utility control centre to the edge of the grid, observes Jonathan Spencer Jones, content analyst at Engerati
The EDP 3.0 platform provides expanded support for deployment on private clouds and data centers as well as for demand response initiatives driven by critical peak pricing, direct load control or bring-your-own-thermostat (BYOT) utility mandates
The EDP 3.0 platform provides expanded support for deployment on private clouds and data centers as well as demand response initiatives driven by critical peak pricing or bring-your-own-thermostat utility mandates

In the US, California-based data analytics company AutoGrid Systems has released the newest version of its Energy Data Platform for utilities, which aims to give energy companies a real-time portrait of their power systems and connected assets.

Energy Data Platform (EDP) 3.0 includes applications for customer engagement, grid operation and revenue assurance and has expanded its core tools, platform services, analytics, big data and data science capabilities.

The 3.0 platform also expands support for forecasting optimization, classification, pattern recognition and other data science algorithms using large amounts of fast streaming data from connected grid assets to solve energy industry problems.

The solution claims to be capable of taking in more than 500 million data records per minute and generating more than 100 million forecasts per day on a medium-size computer cluster.

EDP 3.0 also provides support for two-way connectivity standards, AMI network protocols, and smart home applications as well as wholesale market interfaces such as ERCOT and CAISO.

Data analytics in the field

The company’s platform has already been deployed by several utilities and municipalities in the US, with E.ON being the first utility service provider to use EDP 3.0.

Commenting on the deployment, Susana Quintana-Plaza, senior vice president technology & innovation at E.ON, said: “The new applications and enhancements in the EDP 3.0 platform will help us strengthen relationships with our customers, enhance our understanding of the real-time state of our electric grids, and deploy energy intelligence solutions.

“We expect EDP 3.0 to play an important role in our company’s efforts to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in today’s global electricity market.”