Automatic reading of electricity, water and heat meters in Greenland


On February 1, 2010 the Greenland energy supply company Nukissiorfiit launched a new web portal that allows customers to observe their energy consumption.

On this new web-based system customers can access information on the consumption of their household, down to hourly values. This gives the consumer the possibility of choosing energy efficient products and detecting inappropriate energy use.

Both customers and the energy company benefit from the automated system. According to energy manager Svend Hardenberg, one of the great advantages is that the company’s staff do not have to turn out in order to read every meter. Moreover they can remotely disconnect and reconnect the supply in case of unpaid electricity bills, further saving customers money as the fee for this can be reduced.

Through 2012 Nukissiorfiit is replacing all electricity, heat, and water meters with intelligent energy meters, which are connected in a meshed radio network – in total 43,000 metering points. Because most blocks of flats have common water and heat meters, the majority of the metering points, 34,000, are electricity meters.

The meters and meter reading system are being delivered by Kamstrup.