Barcelona – New Books, New Tasks


In the yearly calendar of the DLMS User Association, the Metering Europe conference and exhibition, held this year in Barcelona, Spain is always an event of top priority. This year 14 people from all over the world attended the DLMS pre-conference seminar, a traditional feature of the Metering Europe event, to get an introduction to DLMS and to hear the latest developments.

On the exhibition floor, the DLMS UA booth attracted a lot of people. There were also many people present to hear the presentation of the paper “DLMS/COSEM: how to make it simple” (copies are available on request). As usual, the general meeting was held at the same time and place. In addition to discussing the progress over the last year and plans for the next year, the latest edition of the Green Book and the Blue Book were presented.

After adding the internetbased communication profile in Edition 4 of the Green Book, new authentication mechanisms have been added and a few minor items have been amended in Edition 5. The 7th Edition of the Blue Book features the following new elements:

  • Floating point formats defined.
  • New High Level Security authentication mechanisms (MD5, SHA-1).
  • Encoding of OBJECT IDENTIFIER.
  • New interface classes “Register table” and “Status mapping”.
  • New version of interface classes “IEC local port setup”, “Modem configuration”, “Auto connect”.
  • Mapping to OBIS completed.
  • New OBIS codes:

consortia specific ranges, new time integrals, two billing period schemes. The DLMS UA is now also engaged in updating the Conformance Test Tool, to extend testing of the features newly added.

Work will also start on using XML files for holding and transporting metering information modelled by the COSEM objects. Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at Pre-de-la-Fontaine 19, CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland, e-mail:, or visit our websiteózó Kmethy, President Paul Fuchs, General Secretary