Battery powered automated meter reading device


VERIBOX-MINI is a ‘plug and play’ impulse-counting or RS232/485 interfaced reading and datalogging device that links to gas (EU and ATEX certified for Ex-Zone 1), water and electricity meters and provides automatic SMS or GSM-data transmission to a PC central station. This information can then be exported automatically to advanced energy management or billing systems.

VERIBOX-MINI eliminates the requirement for regular walk-by or visual meter reading arrangements. The main advantage of the device is that it is battery-powered, so no power lines are needed. Using special batteries, a lifetime of five years is standard depending on how often you wish to receive data. In certain applications, VERIBOX-MINI can reduce the cost of meter reading by more than 90% when compared to conventional walk-by applications.

VERIBOX, manufactured by VERAUT GmbH based in Linz, Austria, is managing more than 3,500 metering applications in the country.