Bert den Ouden appointed as general director of Flexiblepower Alliance Network


Bert den Ouden 
Bert den Ouden, former chief executive officer of the energy exchange APX, has been appointed as the general director of the Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN), effective from August 12.

The other members of the Board of Directors are Suzanne van Kooten (TNO) and Pallas Agterberg (Alliander), with two more director positions available for new partners.

FAN was established in April as a not-for-profit foundation focusing on building an open alliance of companies and institutions that jointly develop and promote the PowerMatcher as part of an international FAN standard for smart grids and local markets for matching local (renewable) generation with local flexible demand.

Den Ouden, who brings an extensive network, in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, energy trading and renewable energy and great management expertise, will present the recently established alliance to the general public and will actively endeavor to establish partnerships for FAN. He will operate independently from participating parties in FAN – an important condition for this function. The appointment is on a limited, part-time basis for the next two years.

“I have always been pioneering new energy developments, be it CO2 reduction projects, founding energy markets or international market integration. FAN brings all these experiences together,” said den Ouden. “The PowerMatcher is a great technology for local initiatives and also for the overall market, in every possible country in Europe and around the world. I am really energized by the opportunity to lead this new initiative with an international scope and I am looking forward to meeting further partners, clients and local initiatives.”

The PowerMatcher, or earlier versions of it, has been demonstrated in various reference cases, e.g. in the Powermatching city in Hoogkerk, in other projects in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and the Hague) and in the EU Ecogrid project in Denmark.