Biggest ever GPRS metering delivery system in Sweden


Biggest ever GPRS metering delivery system in Sweden

Enermet, a supplier of energy metering and load management solutions, is one of the suppliers to Telenor Cinclus for the delivery of GPRS technology based meters for 150,000 metering points for energy company Fortum in Sweden. Telenor Cinclus is a partlyowned subsidiary of Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications company; it aims to be the largest supplier of AMR in the Nordic region.

This delivery is part of Fortum’s AMM (automatic meter management) project, which involves the automation of all its 835,000 metering points during the next two years. Telenor Cinclus is the prime contractor; the company will offer Fortum an open solution with meters from several manufacturers.

The GPRS metering package is a point-to-point solution, where the AMM system communicates directly with integrated meters. It offers the utility easy implementation of AMR, and the possibility of providing new service concepts to meet future demands.

GPRS is used as the primary communication carrier because of the existing infrastructure and good coverage in the Nordic region. It scales well, and the price structure and technical properties are suitable for low volume data transmission. SMS (text messaging) is used as a backup to ensure system efficiency