Boris Johnson to head UK fight against climate change


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair the new Cabinet Committee on Climate Change.

The Committee will bring drive further action throughout government to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment and meet or exceed Britain’s legally-binding 2050 net-zero commitment, whilst also generating further international support.

The committee will also supervise preparations for Scotland’s hosting of the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Summit in November 2020 in Glasgow.

The committee will include representatives from departments such as the Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Business Secretary, Environment Secretary, Transport Secretary, International Development Secretary and Housing Secretary.

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Mr Johnson said: “I want us to become the cleanest, greenest society on earth and inspire countries around the world to follow our lead so that our children can breathe clean air and benefit from the wonderful flora and fauna of this earth.

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“We know that people across the UK are passionate about protecting our planet and we need to continue building on the excellent progress this government has made in tackling climate change and improving our environment.

“That’s why I’m announcing today that I will personally chair a new cross-government Committee on Climate Change, bringing together my ministers to galvanise action to tackle the great environmental challenges we face.”