Britain’s government departments’ energy usage ranked online


U.K. Prime Minister
David Cameron
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 6, 2010 – Britain’s prime minister David Cameron has challenged Whitehall ministries to compete to slash the energy used in their departmental headquarters over the month of October.

And as each department strives to cut their emissions, an online league table is being published, updated daily to allow the public to see how each department is doing.

The competition builds on the pledge made back in May that the central government would reduce its emissions by 10 percent over the coming year, and the publication online of the real time energy use of each of the departments (see U.K. government puts energy usage online).

“In May I called for real action to make us the greenest government ever,” said Cameron, “We have made a start but clearly we can all do much more to show leadership on this vital issue. So today is a clear challenge to Cabinet ministers and an opportunity for the public to hold us to account.”

Some departments have already initiated special plans. For example, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) plans to trial ceiling tiles that store heat during the day and release it in the evening.

In addition staff in all departments, across the whole estate of 7,000 buildings, are expected to come up with practical and imaginative ways to reduce their energy use.

The competition will be based on which departments’ ministerial HQ buildings do the most during the month of October to reduce energy consumption as a proportion of their energy use, compared to the total energy consumption in September.

The league table application, called GovSpark, shows data from the 18 government real time displays.