Described as the UK’s largest smart grid project, the Customer- Led Network Revolution (CLNR) is a collaborative effort by British Gas, Ofgem, members from the academic community and other industry stakeholders working towards achieving a low-carbon economy.

Data for over 12 000 smart metered commercial and household consumers was gathered to determine future demand for energy and whether this data could assist in changing customer consumption patterns, using electricity during non-peak hours. PRNewswire reports that the information collected was also used to evaluate the impact of low-carbon technologies including, solar panels and EV charging on local distribution networks. The new data collected has been made available to network operators in order help their customers to switch to a more flexible electricity schedule. The data aggregated over a two year period includes the results of a Time-of-Use tariff structure put in place motivating to use power outside peak hours.

‘These latest results from the CLNR project provide a comprehensive suite of up-to-date data relating to different electricity customer profiles in the UK.

‘The emergence of new low-carbon loads has required network operators to re-evaluate the design and operation of our networks to ensure we can continue to provide a safe and secure supply of electricity, said Preston Foster of Northern Powergrid, the CLNR project lead.

‘We’re exceptionally proud to make these results available to everyone and our intention is that this data will be used to help improve network efficiency and support the uptake of low carbon technologies without the need for large-scale upgrades to network infrastructure’, continued Foster.