British Gas acquires service companies


London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — December 8, 2010 – British Gas continues to expand its service offerings with the acquisition of external wall insulation company ECL Contracts Ltd and environmental services company JK Environmental Services (UK) Ltd.

The acquisition of the Rugby-based ECL Contracts, which was acquired for £4 million, is aimed at enabling British Gas to diversify its product range beyond loft and cavity wall insulation and into solid wall insulation. There are around 9 million homes in the UK of solid wall construction, and demand for home insulation is forecast to rise significantly in the next five years, with approximately one-quarter of spending on domestic energy currently wasted because of poor insulation.

The acquisition of Hertfordshire-based JK Environmental Services, which was acquired for £7 million, is aimed at strengthening British Gas’ Electrical and Dyno Services’ service delivery capabilities in the industrial and commercial sector, with a particular focus on water and sewerage companies.

Recently British Gas acquired a 15.96 percent stake in AlertMe, a U.K.-based home energy management services company, with the intention to deploy AlertMe products and services to enable customers to save energy and take control of their energy use.