British Gas and npower are the first U.K. ‘reputation’ winners and losers


Alberto Lopez-
Valenzuela, Chief
Executive, Alva
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — May 5, 2011 – British Gas and npower are respectively the top and bottom utilities in a new Corporate Reputation Index for the utilities sector in the U.K.

The Index, which was developed by corporate reputation and reputational risk analyst Alva, draws on more than half a million data sources a day to provide a real-time reputation tracking and scoring tool to publicly measure the standing of the U.K.’s “Big 6” utilities.

When the Index went live , British Gas was the winner, while npower was propping up the bottom due to ongoing issues with customer complaints across social media and criticism of its energy prices. The fastest risers and fallers over the past week were SSE (average weekly change +0.37%) and E.ON (average weekly change -0.43%) respectively, with the latter suffering from the uncertainty caused by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan which has caused a three-month moratorium on its German nuclear power plants.

Updated every 24 hours, the Alva Reputation Index shows how the reputations of the major industry players are rising or falling based on the breaking issues of the day, enabling the industry and consumers to link company actions with the impact on their reputation.

“Today reputation analysis is a vital component of any corporate strategy,” said Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, Alva chief executive. “This Index provides companies, their regulators and customers with an almost real-time snapshot and the chance to see how reputations can be damaged or enhanced by their actions.”

The Alva Reputation Index represents the perception of various stakeholders and market segments based on the daily analysis of over half a million news and financial announcements, trading and analyst reports, advertising analytics, surveys and social media content. The scores are calculated using a proprietary algorithm incorporating a weighted average of sentiment and influence for all content sources.

This information is then updated on the Alva Index table every 24 hours.