British Gas Business steps up its smart meter program


London, United Kingdom — (METERING.COM) — June 7, 2007 –British Gas Business’s (BGB) smart meter program was boosted during 2006 with the placing of an order for 5,000 smart electric meters.

At the same time BGB also unveiled plans for new gas business connections to get smart metering, according to parent company Centrica’s newly released Corporate Responsibility Report for 2006.

BGB’s managing director, Ian Peters, commented that accurate bills are the number one requirement for BGB customers and that smart metering offers the perfect solution, as well as enabling its customers to better manage their energy consumption.

“We are phasing this in as part of our service proposition and see it growing rapidly over the next few years,” said Peters.

The new meters are to scale up BGB’s first phase of remote metering to high demand small and medium enterprise (SME) customers. This will be followed by more installations in both the SME and corporate markets.

So far more than 700 smart meters have been installed.

British Gas Business, part of the Centrica group, is a leading supplier of energy in Britain to the business sector, and the only supplier dedicated to the needs of small to medium size customers through to industrial and commercial customers.