British Gas smart meter rollout tablets

British Gas is updating the mobile devices of field workers in a bid to meet the smart meter deployment targets by 2020.

The energy supplier, one of the UK’s big six, will dispatch the new Dell Latitude tablets running Windows 8 to 1,2000 engineers working on the installation of smart gas and electricity meters.

The existing shock- and water-resistant tablets lacked the features to draw on customer information rapidly, while the Dell devices use such data to speed up the smart meter roll out as British Gas tries to meet the Government deadline.

Alan Fairhurst, technical consulting manager with British Gas Strategic Systems, said: “The IT devices the engineers use have a big impact on their productivity. We need them to be able to focus on their customers and the job in hand, without worrying about IT issues and downtime.”

The tablets provide workers with full details of each property and task, track job progress and are used to take photos of the installed meters for future records.

British Gas has now supplied smart meters to one million homes.