British Gas selects Navetas for electric vehicle energy measurement initiative in U.K. homes


Woodbridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — June 25, 2012 – British Gas has selected energy management company Navetas to roll out its disaggregation technology to enable households to monitor their energy consumption and the cost of charging their electric vehicle over the internet.

The roll out of the Navetas technology will commence in June 2012, as part of an electric vehicle charger package which integrates the government’s Plugged in Places funding at point of sale. British Gas will install a Navetas energy monitor at the incoming electricity mains supply, to monitor total household consumption, as well as electric vehicle charging data.

Navetas is hosting the consumer internet portal for British Gas electric vehicle customers and will provide a full data managed service to British Gas. This will ensure eligible customers are meeting the requirements for the Plugged in Places funding. British Gas will also work with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to evaluate the impact of electric vehicles in terms of energy demand and distribution network management.
“As a leading energy supplier, British Gas is already at the forefront of supporting electric charging innovation in the U.K. through specialist advice and the installation of charging points for both business and home,” said Dan Taylor, director of New Ventures at British Gas. “We are therefore very pleased to be working with Navetas to help our customers monitor the energy consumption of their electric vehicle and total household by providing information in pounds and pence.”

The Plugged in Places program is a nationally funded government initiative to implement electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the U.K.